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Sitting Happens - Episode 004 (J Dee Marinko)

February 22, 2017

Jon and Dan have a conversation with USA Volleyball National Sitting Team member, J Dee Marinko.  The guys discuss important things like food buffets, favorite swear words, and how Johnny Depp doesn't put his own shoes on.  J Dee's story is an amazing journey of dealing with and overcoming adversity.  It also is a great testament to dealing with the cards you are dealt and changing life goals.  You can read more about J Dee at his USA Volleyball page:

**Warning** The guys do say a few (not a lot, we know what we mean) curse words.

Show: 004 (Feb. 2017)
Hosts: Jon Aharoni and Dan Mickle
Guest(s): J Dee Marinko

Photo Credits: USA Volleyball

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